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coppi1I’m not an old man yet nor am I ready to concede to Masters racing, however thoughts are beginning to enter my head that are consistent with the older generation.  I’m starting to acquire a taste for very expensive cycling products that have that “classic” touch to them.  I have Velodramatic to thank for this.  I’m not sure how I stumbled on this blog, but once I did I find myself going back every day to see if an update has been posted.  Not only is the site layout clean, simple and elegant, but his appreciation for high end clothing, bikes, casual wear with that touch of class is starting to wear on me.   A very tangible image of how I will look as a cyclist 10yrs from now is beginning to take shape in my head thanks to this influence.  For now, you may see me with just a touch of this classic styling.  Perhaps I’ll ease into it with a Rahpa winter jersey, then some brown leather bar-tape, then I’ll mortgage my house and get some lightweight wheels, etc.  I can’t dive into it all at once.  I still feel the need for my Zipp wheels, loud and obnoxious sunglasses, and sponsors logos in every free space.

Here are a few of my current obsessions with that classic feel:

Baum Ristretto steel bicycle (notice how I didn’t say “bike”?  “Bicycle” is classic lingo)


All things Rapha



Dromarti Bicycle Shoes


Lightweight Wheels


Of course Campy 11 speed


Brooks Saddles


I’m at about $20,000 at this point so I’d better stop while I’m ahead. If anyone else has any product suggestions that fit this “classis” feel theme definitely let me know.   I’m keeping a wishlist.

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