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I went to A Night With Mike on Saturday evening this past weekend – a benefit dinner for Michael Forbes.  Most of you won’t know who Michael is but if there’s one post I ask you to read this is the one.

I was going to say that Michael Forbes is just like you and me, but now that I think about it, he’s nothing like you or me. He’s experienced the life that we all live and we sometimes take for granted, but that’s where it ends.  Michael is now is experiencing a much different side of life that most of us will ever have to face. Michael is a father and husband among many other things. He was also top notch cyclist and athlete until a motorist struck him down on a bike ride in June 2008 and left him paralyzed from the chest down.

When I learned of Michael’s accident my heart sunk, it left me with chills, and not many things have hit me so close to home.  The reason this resonates with me so deeply is obvious.  He was out for a regular morning ride and never expected to come home with his life changed forever. It could me me at any time.   It could be any of us and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

I’m glad to say that Michael’s recovery is going extraordinarily well. He’s been out riding on a recumbent hand powered bike which is absolutely unbelievable. The determination and hard work of this man is truly inspiring. The benefit dinner held on the weekend was to help send Michael to the US to Project Walk – a spinal chord injury recovery program. I know I’ll be following his progress with a keen eye.

There’s obviously a heap of details I’ve missed to try to keep this brief, but you can follow the Forbes family’s progress at

Count your blessings and ride safe.

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