Going Through The Gears – A Key Move

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Wherever you are, there will always be a handful of pro level mechanics who have made careers out of their trade. They’re talented, respected, well informed and experienced. If you’re new to cycling you might have to search around to find one – experienced cyclists know who they are and where to find them. Most have done their time in bike shops, and moved on.  These guys are in high demand and can be hard to find. I spoke with one of these rarities, Justin Riedy.

Here Justin offers a CYCLING TIP for running through your gears without lifting your bike up or using a prep stand:

“Even professional cyclists have called this the ‘key move‘ when I’ve done it in front of them, but it’s so simple and cost effective – no equipment, gadgets, technical features or training involved. It’s easy and you can do it any where.” says Justin

Step 1 – find a bench, table – any rigid surface that you can lay your bike using your seat post to lean against (that won’t scratch it).


Step 2 – hold the bike with one hand on the handle bars and push the bars towards the table/bench.


Step 3 – place your foot on the bottom of the front wheel and press it in to the wheel.


Step 4 – the back wheel will lift off the ground.


Step 5 – you’re free to run through the gears with one hand while the other turns the pedal forwards.


“The ‘key move‘ is an effective way of running through your gears yourself while adjusting your shifting.  You don’t have to get your friend to hold your bike up, bend your back, and/or try and lift the bike yourself while you run through the gears. The key move works for me – hope it works for you.”

Justin runs his own business Bike Beyond, this includes Bike Beyond Service Centre. The centre is currently based in East Bentleigh and will be moving to the Elwood/St. Kilda area mid year. He has looked after the likes of Cadel Evans’s bikes and Olympian and pro cyclist, Robert Crowe, are amongst his clients.  If you’re based in Melbourne, Justin can be contacted on 0426 645 202, Email: justinriedy@optusnet.com.au