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ph_coldI’ve been fighting off a cold all week and I’m out of my usual magic potion.  I swear by this stuff that I get sent to me from Canada called ColdFX. I hardly ever get sick if I start taking this stuff as soon as I feel a cold coming on. It’s basically pharmaceutical grade ginseng in pill form.

I posted a Tweet on Twitter asking what works for others.  Here’s a few responses I got:

carlymwIcon_lock@cyclingtips a multivitamin & a double dose of echinacea is my best trick for heading off a cold.

dncresearch@cyclingtips A raw garlic sandwich. Friend of mine swears by them; says he eats one when he feels a cold coming on & never gets sick.

rabbitmeg@cyclingtips horseraddish and garlic. Any brand head off a cold for me.

PadyszIcon_lock@cyclingtips eat a bunch of oranges(literally) and drink tons of water! Sleep lots of it works majic.

pierrepino@cyclingtips Take heaps of Vitamin C, megadoses 5000MG. I’m not a doctor but this works for me. It either gets rid of it or minimises it.

tony_1973@cyclingtips hot water+half a lemon+honey (+whisky if not riding/driving), have 2 of those, then suck on the lemon rind to clear nose :D

Any one else have good suggestions on how to kick a cold?

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