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I thought it would be cool to wear a helmet cam to record one of the fastest and most aggressive criteriums in the world.   Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club (CCCC) hosts this crit on Sunday mornings and easily gets up to 80 riders per grade. Unfortunately the threat of rain left most of the softies in bed and there were only about 40 starters.  That didn’t make it much easier though.  The winds were fierce and the racing was still full-on.   Here’s some footage.  I wasn’t racing – I was jumping around the pack to get some good footage.  My apologies if I was in people’s way!

Clubs take note. One of the great things that CCCC does extremely well is posting race results. By the time I get home from these races the results are already posted and a writeup and pictures are posted a few hours later.   They make stars out of their riders.  Everyone wants to have their name up in lights if they’ve done well in a race.    Well done CCCC.  It’s a thankless job, but we all thank you for this.

If anyone is interested I used the GoPro helmet cam.  Thanks to Brad Davies for lending me his.  I think I’ll be buying one. Only about $200.

Glenvale Criterium from cycling tips on Vimeo.

link on YouTube

And finally, by popular request here is my power data from the race.  It doesn’t really mean too much since I was just strolling around the pack, but it gives you an idea.  I didn’t wear my HRM, but I’d say it averaged 150-160bpm (max is 185).



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