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fc-approveI’m guessing that many of the people who follow this blog probably follow a few others.  If you haven’t discovered The Fat Cyclist and BSNYC yet, you should definitely walk on over and give them a look.  They sway on the “humor” side of things – something you don’t get much of here on this blog.  Both are American blogs – you Aussies and Poms may not quite appreciate their sense of humor, but check them out anyway (BTW, the American version of The Office is much better than the Brit version.)  I get a good laugh out of them every morning.

Anyway, onto the point of this post.   The Fat Cyclist’s wife is fighting cancer – something that many of us can identify very closely with.  He’s holding a competition to raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.   In return for donating as little as $5, you will be entered in a draw be flown to NYC and meet the man behind BSNYC (his identity is not known to the public and many people are curious who this guy is).   There’s understandably a few restrictions to this contest, but if you’re in the US it’s well worth it.  If you live somewhere else, donating to cancer is well worth it anyway.