Keenan Back In Action!

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The voice of Australian cycling is back!  For those of you who don’t know, Matt Keenan was seriously injured in a freak accident while out riding a few weeks ago.  Thankfully Matt is doing well and he’s back at work already.  A broken neck isn’t gonna stop this champion.  Watch this clip for his account on his accident, as well as some great insight to other crashes of the week.


Not to kick at a dead horse, but if my last post didn’t settle the Theo Bos vs Daryl Impey incident, then Matt’s elegant and simple explanation of what he saw happen will.  It simply boils down to this (at about the 6 min mark on the video)

“I believe him, it wasn’t deliberate. Despite that, it was purely Theo Bos’ fault and he should be suspended for a minimum of 3 months.  He tried to come up the inside on Daryl Imepy to keep himself sheltered from the wind protected, because he didn’t have much team support from the Rabobank squad.  As Impey was just minding his own business the gate was starting to close on Theo Bos, he put the hand on the shoulder of Daryl Impey and brought him down. He should not be taking his hands off the bars in a sprint”

Theo, a pure sprinter, forgot rule #6.  He should know better not to box himself in.

Glad to see you back Matt and thanks for the commentary.

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