Today is the day I’ve been waiting for since last April 13 when Boonen took last years win in Roubaix velodrome.  Unlike most years, this is going to be extra fun watching the race because it’s Easter Monday tomorrow and I don’t anticipate riding or waking up before noon tomorrow.  The timezone difference in Australia has always been the most challenging thing in my Pro cycling spectating career as these races always finish at about 1am here.  I tell you, my world comes to a standstill when the TdF is on.   In Canada, it was perfect.  I’d rock up to work, follow the updates on cyclingnews until 9am, and then start my day.  However in Canada I’d have no one at work to share my enthusiasm with after the race was done.

George Hincapie is the one guy who I keep cheering for and supporting no matter how many times he mucks it up.  He’s such a humble, likable, selfless guy I can’t that help myself for wanting to see him win the Holy Grail of cycling.   You gotta hand it to him, he is persistent.  This is his 14th go at it.  Winning the Queen of the Classics is never easy (unless you’re Boonen) and his persistence will pay off…I hope.

We could give all our thoughs and tips on who is going to win the P-R today, but it’s fairly predictable and it only really comes down to a handful of guys who can win this race.  What’s unpredictable though is what’s going to go wrong with Hincapies race.  For example…

Is he going to be in the perfect position in a break with a teammate like Boonen and then fall into a ditch?


Are his forks gonna snap off and break his collarbone again?


Will he find himself alone in a break with 3 Quickstep guys like he did with Mapei?


How many times will he puncture?

(believe it or not I couldn’t find a picture for this)

Whatever happens George, good luck.  May the force be with you.