Signs You’ve Married A Cyclist

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Seeing as Wade is away for a few days at one of his many races, I thought I would take this opportunity to provide some insight from the “other half”.  Coincidentally, I received the following text just as I sat down to write this post…

“Hey there.  We’re still out for dinner so I’ll call you tomorrow.  Sat on the beach all day and saw dolphins! Great relaxing day.  Have a good night. Love Wade.”

Is it just me or was there a glaring absence of cycling mentioned in his message?! I will admit that this isn’t the norm.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Typically, here are a few signs that you might be married to a cyclist.

1) Its 5am and from the comfort of your bed you’re awakened to the sound of air being pumped into tires. Good Morning!

2) You make a recipe for dinner that apparently “serves 4-6”.  Somehow it barely stretches to 2 portions.

3) Speaking of eating, you find your partner needing food and/or drink every two hours all day long.  Something about replenishing all those calories he’s burning?

4) You go online to do some banking and notice mysterious charges on the account with names like “bikeparts4cheap”….This is cheap?!

5) Your weekend plans revolve around scheduling activities before, after or in between rides.

6) Your spare bedroom looks more like a bike shop than a guest room.

7) Your light switches, cupboard handles, doors, walls etc. are marked by black fingerprints and you don’t have children….

8). Your nephews thinks your husband’s “job” is a “bike racer”. I can’t seem to convince them that he has a real job too.

9) Your partner is so grumpy you’d think there was a serious problem….no, false alarm, he just hasn’t been out for a ride in three days.

On the flip side, I have a happy, healthy husband and all of my “alone” time allows for plenty of my own leisure activities and coffees with friends and family etc., so I don’t complain too much!

Most of you reading this probably can’t relate but perhaps your significant other could use some consoling.  They’re not alone!

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