Theo Bos To Switch Sports?

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You may not have seen this yet.  This is the crash that everybody’s been talking about in the final stage of the Presidential Tour of Turkey.   Fast forward to 3:41 and look at the bottom of the screen (watch in HQ).  Sure looks to me like Theo Bos intentionally man-handled Impey and threw him down.  But why would he throw Impey down infront of himself?   That’s the part that confuses me.

From cyclingnews:

Bos didn’t remember all the details, as things happened in a split second. “But I know for a fact that I just wanted to defend myself against him [Impey]. He came over to my side and I was as good as in the barrier.” The barriers, which were not put in a straight line, eventually caused the crash. “I touched a foot of one the barriers and that way brought down Impey,” Bos said.

Doesn’t look to me like Bos was defending himself.  Looks more like ice hockey than cycling.  Go Habs!

This got me thinking –  would it be such a bad idea for Theo to make the switch to ice hockey?   I mean, there’s no doubt that he possesses the offensive prowess that a team such as the Montreal Canadians could use in the playoffs.   He’d certainly make more money that the $47,000 a year he’s probably getting now and it would sure as hell open up a lot more options with the ladies  (all because of the $$ of course).

It might suit Theo better than you may think.  He’s already made a remarkable switch to road racing from the track and has shown quite a bit of potential.   I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t do the same transition to hockey.  How hard could it be?  A velodrome is approximately the same size as an ice rink so he’d feel right at home.   He’s Dutch so it’s likely that he’s spent a bit of time on the skates.  When in form I’m sure Theo could easily do a flying 200 from one end of the rink to the other and back in a hair over 9.772 seconds.

Bos could finally get a chance to show off his elusive win with a victory salute like no other cyclist in history has ever done.


The maximum sanction Theo could possibly get for an infraction like his most recent is 2 minutes in the penalty box – and trust me, Don Cherry wouldn’t be crying “disgusting tactics” as in the video above.


I think my argument has potential.  I’ll be calling my Montreal Canadians contacts immediately after my coffee break.

Sorry – Aussies…not sure you’ll fully appreciate my humour on this one.  Who knows…not certain the Canadians will either…

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