Theo Boss Incident Debunked

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With so many points of view on the Theo Bos vs Daryl Impey incident I figured that someone had to settle it once and for all.  It certainly looked intentional, but too many things didn’t add up.  Why would Theo throw Impey right in front of himself?  Is Theo that much of a nutbar to do something that ridiculously dangerous?  Would it even be possible to manhandle someone like that while going 50-60km/hr on a bike? 

I got thinking about it, and I don’t know how plausible it really is to be able the throw a man off a bike like that.   I can’t say that I’ve ever tried it before, but without any leverage, the gyroscopic effect of those wheels and forward motion, and a 60-70kg man on the the bike with both hands on the bars, I’m thinking that it would be tough for a rider to be thrown off his bike in the fashion that Theo Bos appeared to have done.

This morning I went out with the helmetcam and fellow tipster, Tymmsy, to find out.  Back in my college days I used to competitively compete in dwarf throwing, so if anyone had a chance at replicating the Bos – Impey incident, it was me.  Don’t try this at home boys and girls.

After this experiment I’m certain there’s no way in hell that it’s possible for one man to throw another off his bike like this. Especially when the rider being thrown has two hands on the bars and you only have one. If anything, the rider who is doing the throwing will likely crash. The only thing that happened is that I got thrown backwards and Tymmsy darted forwards. There was no way I could sway his direction so that he would come in front of me. There’s a great slow-mo video of the whole incident here. It doesn’t necessarily answer anything, but I think I’ve sufficiently cleared this myth up as BUSTED. Was Theo at fault? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean that he did it intentionally.

I am in the process of registering the domain name where I’ll set up a fund to prove his innocence. With recently being shut down there will be a flood of charity coming in.

TIP: If you want to throw someone off his bike you just grab his bars and twist. Theo surely knows this. Not that I’d ever advocate anything that would involve injuring a fellow rider. Ice hockey is a different story though ;-)

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