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Check out this gem I stumbled on  – – a nationwide USA race calendar.  Finally, the bike racing calendar comes out of the stone ages. Everything all in one place.  Its about time.

When I first got into bike racing I remember having an extremely hard time finding when and where the local races were.  Once I finally figured out the local scene through Chinese whispers, referrals and osmosis, I started looking into races in other states.  Not surprisingly I was faced with the same problem.  Every country, state, county, etc. has its own association and subassociations and then on top of that,  you have various club racing, grand fondos, tours, independents, etc.  Then you have road, mountain, cyclocross, and triathlon events to confuse things even further.  How on earth do you figure out this mess unless you’ve spent years around the scene?   How many times have you traveled to some far off state for a race and later realized you missed out on another kick-ass race in the same area that you could have done as well?

I’m glad to see someone has finally taken the initiative to consolidate the US race calendar.  Check it out.  It’ll make your event planning for the upcoming season a piece of pie.  It also adds a lot of value for event promoters, providing a great space to advertise their races.


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