Helmet Cams in Road Races

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I’m glad to see this statement made on the CycleSport Victoria website that a reader pointed out today.  I have many different ways to mount my GoPro camera that will now be taken into consideration.  Chest, frame, seatpost, etc.

The CycleSport Victoria Board wishes to advise all riders that the use of a mounted helmet camera is not permitted during CycleSport Victoria events. This is due to its non-compliance with Technical Regulations 3.2.07 and 1.3.004 and the safety risk it poses to all riders.

In the case that the camera is fully built into the helmet and the helmet is approved by Australian Standards then CycleSport Victoria is prepared to grant permission for its use on the basis that it poses no safety risk.

CycleSport Victoria recognises that the use of a camera by a rider has the potential to provide a marketing and promotional tool for the sport of cycling. Therefore, if a rider wishes to have a camera mounted to the frame of his/her bike this will be considered in accordance with Technical Regulation 1.3.004 – Technical Innovations. This requires any rider seeking approval for a technical innovation to make a submission to CSV prior to the 30th June in order to be granted approval for the innovation to be used from 1st January the following year.

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photo from Aeon Photo

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