Steve Larsen Passes Away At 39

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Many of you here in Australia may not have have heard of American Steve Larsen.  Steve passed away from a heart attack while he was in the middle of a running workout on the track. Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.  He leaves his wife and five children.  He was only 39.  Only THIRTY NINE!

Larsen represented the U.S. at the World Championships in four events, competing as a cyclist on the track, the road, off-road and in cyclocross. As a pro cyclist, he raced for Motorola with Lance Armstrong and George Hincapie.

After a career in cycling that included racing the Giro d’Italia and two national NORBA championships in mountain biking (1998 and 2000), Larsen turned to triathlon in 2001. In his first year in the sport he qualified for the Hawaiian Ironman World Championship and finished 9th. He went on to take the Xterra National Championship and win Ironman Lake Placid.  A truly accomplished athlete and from what I hear a very well liked and respected man.

I hear too many similar stories of athletes passing at an early age due to heart conditions.  It’s scares the crap out of me, but what do you do?  You can’t stop doing what you love when you hear about a small percentage of athletes having some undiagnosed heart condition.  It hits home hard though.  We all think that this is somthing that happens to someone else.   Unfortunately this is the second time I’ve written a post on this topic in the first 5 months of 2009. I wrote about this when Frederiek Nolf passed away from a heart attack at the Tour of Qatar.

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