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Another passion of mine aside from cycling is photography (especially cycling photography!).  If I could take a picture anywhere close to as well as I ride a bike I’d have some of my own work to show off here.   Until that day comes I’m happy to display other photographer’s work on this site.  I think it’s best for all of us.

I don’t know how I stumbled on Velodramatic, but if you haven’t seen it already it would be a crime for me not to share this gem with you.  Mr. Velodramatic can capture the essence of cycling and bike racing like very few photographers I’ve seen.   He has been kind enough to allow CyclingTips to display a selection of his photography on the top right of this page (loading randomly whenever you visit).

I’m going for a nice long ride this morning and I’ll think of a CYCLING TIP to post later on today, but in the mean time I encourage you to walk on down to Velodramatic and check out his work. Below are a couple of my favorites taken at the Tour of California.

velodramatic_cyclingtips-12 velodramatic_cyclingtips-1

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