Couldn’t resist stopping at the resort entry for a quick pic, and to rest my legs which were about to fall off.  Keep up the awesome blog! Mt Baw Baw, Victoria, Australia.  – Andrew

CT: for those who don’t have an appreciation for this climb, it’s an average gradient of 11.5% for over 6 km (after 30km of climbing to get to this point).  This is pretty intense, especially given the last few km bring the average down. The maximum gradient on the climb is 20% which is ridiculous!  To put it in perspective, 5% gradient is a nice steady climb, 10% is generally considered a fairly steep hill, and anything above 10% starts to burn after a few seconds of standing on the pedals.  Best to have a 29T on the cassette for this one.  I’ve intentionally cowarded away from Baw Baw since the day I heard of its folklore.