A reader sent me a great email this week. Among other things, he told me about a friend of his who used to take some early morning photos and wrote a few lines of the surf condition s at Bondi Beach on his website. It provided a nice couple of minutes of escapism for those reading it each day and they saw what a great morning it was at Bondi – even if you weren’t a surfer.

I love the idea and I’m all about escapism while I’m at work. This is why I’ve decided to start up a routine post that does the same type of thing with cycling. At first I was wondering if it would work, but I think with contributions from other readers along with my own material, I think this will start to feed itself.  Especially with everyone carrying around camera phones these days, it couldn’t be easier.

I just got back from my morning ride and I couldn’t resist taking a photo that captured the essence of this ride. A cool 12 degrees, sun was shining through the mist and not a hint of wind. What else can you ask for?

morningridemay12Benton’s Road near Melbourne, Australia, May 12, 2009