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Cycling and cafes go hand in hand.  A bike ride doesn’t end at the sprint finish – it ends after some good food and a few coffees are consumed at your favorite cafe.  Melbourne is a big city and there’s more great cafes than I’ve experienced in any other place.   I’ve had the good fortune of having many mates who have been around for a long time and know the cycling friendly cafes with the best coffee and food.  Here are my favorites in the SE Suburbs of Melbourne close to Beach Rd.

BTW, I’m working on a future post that rates on the many best cycling friendly coffee shops in Melbourne.  Please hit me with suggestions and my panel and I will do the task of photographing and judging them.  What’s the UCI legal limit for caffeine?  I’ll maybe wait a week until my next race…


Best Coffee: Wall 280 – rear 280 Carlisle St, Balaclava

Genovese coffee, frothed milk to perfection, and a grungy character location.  When this place closes it’s doors you’d never know it’s there.


Best Fruit Toast: Amici Bakery Cafe – 242 Chapel Street, Prahran

For $5.90 you can get more of this delicious fruit toast that you’ll be able to eat. It’s massive and baked right on site.   Great location on Chapel St right across the road from TFM.


Biggest Coffee: Nacional – 36 Mills Street, Albert Park

Sometimes after a long ride I crave a cereal bowl full of coffee.  I haven’t come across one this big since I left North America.  This is actually a medium sized cuppa joe in the US.  Is it good?  It’s pretty good, but more importantly it has about 60g of protein with all that milk.

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