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My third day back in Canada and the merino t-shirt still smells like strawberries.  My luggage finally arrived but I don’t really see an urgent need to change yet, so I’m pushing on.

Since all I have to my name is one t-shirt (or so it appears) I’m doing my fair share of “borrowing” stuff while I’m here.  The two goodies I picked up today was my old friend’s Calfee that he’s lending me for my visit, as well as my Mother-in-law’s macro lens.  Since the Calfee was sparkling clean before I got my hands on it I thought I might take some good macro snaps with this beauty of a lens.

Since I haven’t ridden in nearly a week and not too many cycling tips are coming to mind, let’s play some “name that part” on the Calfee.   I should have taken notes because I can’t even recognize what half these things are…

1                                               2                                            3

BTW, this Calfee rides like an absolute dream.

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