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Hi everyone. Wade’s wife Christine here.  I hacked into Wade’s blog again to make sure he’s not planning on posting more podium girl shots.  While I’m here I thought I’d give some good advice on how to have a successful leisurely ride with your wife.   This activity used to end up in smoke for us, but after a few training sessions we’re starting to get the hang of riding together. Here’s a few hints:

1. Get your ride off to a good start by complimenting your partner on how great and thin she looks in her spandex.  This will go a long way before you’ve even left the house.  Caution: Make absolutely certain your compliment sounds genuine otherwise it could have the opposite effect i.e, your partner accuses you of lying or making fun of her and your ride is over before it started.

2. NEVER half-wheel your partner (this will cause unneeded tension and likely lead to an argument).

3. On that same note, REFRAIN from commenting on how nice it is to just “spin it out” and ride at a slow pace. Trust me, she is most likely riding as fast as she possibly can in order to keep up with your “recovery” ride.

4. REFRAIN from talking about ANYTHING bike related.  Preferred topics include gossiping about various people, deciding what to do with the rest of your day, life planning etc.

5. REFRAIN from breaking in conversation with your partner by waving and chatting to every single cyclist you pass on the road.  Yes, you may know them and even be friends but they will understand your lack of social grace when they spot your partner (unless of course you’re half-wheeling her at this point and they think you’re riding alone).  Pretending you don’t see them is even accepted and understood.

6. DO, push your partner up any big hills if she appears to be tiring.  Caution: ASK before doing this or your gesture (albeit well intended) could lead to an argument….after-all we are quite capable of riding up a hill….or so the argument might go.

7. DO, buy the coffee when you stop for a break.

8. DO, offer to carry as many of your partners bike-related belongings (tools, pumps etc.) as possible.  Her comfort is your happiness.

9. REFRAIN from offering tips on her technique unless your advice is explicitly solicited. Unwanted advice can lead to retaliation criticism of your own biking style…which always has the possibility of leading to criticism about you in general!  Best to keep all comments to compliments and encouraging remarks.

10. Finally, remember that your bike is likely three times the cost of her bike and therefore three times as efficient.  At least that’s my theory and justification when trying to keep up!

Ladies, please feel free to add to the list or alternatively, if you blokes have any tips for us in order to enjoy our leisurely together, now’s your chance!

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