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When I visited Canada last month there were constant reminders of how different the bike world was over there compared to here in Australia.   One big difference that I forgot to mention is the legitimate need for a proper bike room in the house.  You spend a LOT of time riding indoors as a cyclist in Canada.  November – May with a few periods of relief in between.   Since this is the case you want to make your indoor riding time as bearable as possible, you absolutely NEED to convince your wife that dedicated bike room is the only thing that will keep you from going insane during the winter months.

So back in Canada I went over to my good friend’s place to say g’day and he took me for the tour of his humble abode.  Everyone has one mate who has all the toys, and in my world this is the man with all the goods.  I walked into his bike room, took one look and lost my breath as if I were climbing up Mt Ventoux. Every cyclist’s dream. This room was specifically designed  for the reason of being the ultimate bike room – no holds barred.    The entrance is hidden behind a bookshelf so his wife doesn’t have a clue about it.

Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.  Anything he missed?

Note:  I won’t mention my mate’s name, but every National/Provincial title jersey hanging (and tucked away) was earned. This bike room of his is well deserved.  He taught me much of what I know about bike racing.

Caution – blatant site plug: If you’re stuck indoors and want some exciting video to watch, go to RaceDayRush and watch some real life helmet cam videos of people just like yourself racing their arses off.

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