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If I had to pick 10 subtleties about cycling that I’d like to point out to less experienced cyclist it would be the following.  Sometimes these things just build up in my head over a few rides.  Just had to get them out today. I don’t mean to sound curt, but I just wanted to make it a short post.

  1. There’s a right way to pull off when rolling turns and it’s into the wind. Learn it, live it, love it.
  2. Putting clinchers on: The tyre label should be directly above the valve stem. That way if you puncture and you have to remove the tyre you can easily determine where on the tyre the puncture occurred when you line it up to the hole on the tube.
  3. Take your rear wheel off with your chain shifted into the bottom most cog (smallest i.e. 11T).  The wheel will remove and install much easier and it won’t be so painful for your mates watching.
  4. There’s a right place to put your food / gel wrappers. It’s back in your pocket.  Just because you’re on a bike doesn’t give you the right to litter all over the road.  You wouldn’t throw a chocolate bar wrapper out of your car window.  Why the change in mindset?
  5. Start a ride slow, finish a ride fast.  This will make for a much better quality ride and simulates what happens in a race.
  6. Start a ride together, finish a ride together.  This is the golden rule.  Complications and mishaps almost always occur when riding with a group and someone decides to veer from the route or heads home early.
  7. Never rush changing a flat tyre.  You’ll have a second flat tyre in 60 seconds if you do.
  8. Give yourself some presence when riding in heavy traffic. Don’t ride right next the curb or the cars will try to pass you without moving over.  Ride a meter into the lane so that cars are forced to move over.  If someone comes close to hitting you, at least you’ll have enough room to maneuver with the space you’ve left.
  9. Fitness occurs while you’re resting, not riding.  It’s easy to overdo it in cycling because it’s a low impact sport.  No rest = no recovery = injuries, fatigue, and no payoff for all your hard training.
  10. There’s no better way to clean your bike than using babywipes.  Curash are my favorite.

Anyone want to take a shot at 11? 12? 13?…

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