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What a week it’s been.  The LBS discussion was one that people apparently feel quite strongly about.  It was almost as if there was a lynch mob forming outside my house.  What a bloodbath!

I think that if some bikeshops read through the comments with on open mind they’ll find some extremely valuable customer feedback in there – positive and negative.  It would cost thousands to run a survey that would get them type of candid information.

What you didn’t read in the comments section are the dozens of emails I received in support of LBS’s and the good experiences had with them.  Unfortunately bad word spreads faster that good word and some people don’t feel comfortable going against the grain with their positive comments. That’s fair enough and I think we can put this whole LBS discussion to rest now.

Who needs PBK, Wiggle or the LBS anyway when you have Costco?


Being a highly consumerized North American I’ve been counting down the days for Costco to arrive in Australia.  Finally after many sleepless nights they’ve finally opened this week and the line-ups are absolutely ridiculous.  Fortunately I’m well versed in the tricks of getting in without a membership and had a bit of a peek (feel free to refocus your rage from the LBS onto Costco for requiring a membership).  Well, no surprises – it’s identical to the Costco I’ve seen anywhere else in the world which I was happy to see.  The biggest difference that I noticed is that they don’t carry Cliff Bars.  Bummer.  However, they have heaps of other great bike related stuff.  It’s like a LBS wholesale superstore!

Have a look…

[nggallery id=2]

Ride safe this weekend.

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