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Yesterday’s topic certainly struck a chord with everyone.  Some excellent comments and discussion ensued.  Here’s something a little more lighthearted this morning that we can all relate to. I’m off for a big ride then massage today.  Life is good!

A roadie gets up early, as he has for so many Saturday morning rides, and softly slips out of the bedroom so as not to wake his wife.

He dresses quietly in the next room, grabs his helmet and water bottles, and goes out to pump the tires. As the garage door opens he’s confronted by a windswept rain.

He’s ridden before in these conditions. He doesn’t like it, but when it’s Saturday morning he never misses. He ponders the dismal conditions and then retreats to the kitchen to tune a small TV to The Weather Channel.

The forecast only sounds worse. Tornado watch. This is one Saturday when he just can’t make it happen.

As thunder booms in the distance, he slips off his shoes, quietly returns to the bedroom, undresses and slips back into bed.

There he cuddles up to his wife’s back and whispers, “The weather out there is terrible.”

To which she sleepily replies, “Yeah, can you believe my husband went riding in that crap?”

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