Slippery When Wet

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The only thing more painful that getting back into race form is constantly wiping out while trying to get back into race form.  In these past 7 wet days in Melbourne I’ve hit the ground 3 times on a variety of different terrains, and have almost gone down on the other 3.   In 4 years I haven’t come off once and all of a sudden 3 times in a row.  These things always come in 3’s so I’m glad it’s over with.

On one of these occasions I was riding with a couple mates.  Not 2 seconds after I hit the deck one guy yelled out to the other “Hey, get your camera..What you missed this morning!”.  I’m sitting flat on my arse and these guys are standing there making jokes.  So this begs the question, how long after a mate has a wipe-out can you laugh at him? Just what is the buffer period for making wise-cracks if he’s not seriously hurt?  5mins?  20mins?   I thought the should at least give me the dignity to get my feet twisted out of my cleats and my butt off the ground before they busted a gut laughing at me!  My poor bruised ego…

Some tips on how to deal with road rash that I’ve been putting to good use this week.

Anyway, here are some road hazards we’re all familiar with:

Wet Wood Bridge

Slipperiness Rating:  9/10

Wet wood or steel bridges always catch you off-guard.  You know you should use some caution on these but always forget that they’re as slippery as ice when wet.  I hate them with a passion…


Wet Tiles At Apartment Entrance

Slipperiness Rating:  9/10

No one usually sees these falls and are usually while walking with the shoe covers on.   I can deal with this type of fall except when it results in the splits.


Wet Bitchumen Crackfills

Slipperiness Rating:  7/10

Use caution when going 40km/hr around a corner when it’s wet out and you see these.  You’ll go down so fast you won’t know what happened.


Wet Road Markings

Slipperiness Rating:  8/10

Bad because they’re usually around the corners and you’re going at a decent clip when you go down.


Wet Pedestrian Foot Grips (don’t know what these are called and what their purpose is as they’re very slippery!)

Slipperiness Rating:  9/10

These things sneak up on you when you’re coming to a stop on a sidewalk  (where you shouldn’t be riding anyway, so chalk it up to karma)


Tram Tracks – Wet or Dry!

Slipperiness Rating:  10/10

@$#&*% tram tracks…


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