Tour of Geelong Stage 4 Results

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The Tour of Geelong promoter has generously put me on the media distribution list.  I’m not usually in the business of posting results (that’s cyclingnews’ job), but in the rare instance that I can get them up quicker than anyone else I’ll gladly oblige.  Since it’s the biggest thing going on in Australia right now and I think it deserves immediate attention.  Plus, this gives the guys racing and the spectators a place to discuss (in the comments section) – something cyclingnews is missing.

Victorian Open Road Time Trial Championship / Tour of Geelong ITT

Media Report: The first day of the 2009 Victorian Open Road Championships and third of the GMHBA Tour of Geelong was a little more relaxing for riders following yesterday’s day of carnage.

The tour field, reduced to 79 riders, was bolstered to 133 for the men’s elite individual time trials and 39 for the elite women’s, held between Gnarwarre and Ceres, just outside Geelong.

Port Adelaide’s Carly Light laid down the gauntlet, winning the gold medal for the individual time trials in a time of 41:27:55, over a minute ahead of Louise Kerr (42:30:20) . Bronwyn Ryan from the ACT claimed the bronze in 42:54:94.

Not long after the women completed their ride for the day, and just as the near perfect weather conditions settled in, the men hit the spectacular 28.2 kilometre course through the Barrabool hills.

Former National Time Trial Champion, Peter Milostic held the number one position after an impressive time of 37:38:71, however the team Praties’ boys were on the hunt. Tasmania’s William Clarke, who fell in the peloton yesterday, crossed the line to take the lead position in a time of 36:56:16, 23 seconds ahead of team mate Dylan Newell, and 28 seconds ahead of David Kemp (Fly V Australia).

“The course was outstanding, I was a little sore from my fall yesterday but I managed to pull up well this morning”, Clarke stated after receiving his 2009 Victorian Open Road Championship Time Trial gold medal.

Queenslander Darren Rolfe (Fly V Australia) remains the Yellow Jersey holder, opening the gap to 2nd place holder and fellow Fly V Australia team mate David Kemp by over 2 minutes.

MEN Results

Distance 28.2 Km Avg,  Speed 45.81 Km/Hr

1  CLARKE, William Praties 00:36:56.16
2  NEWELL, Dylan Praties  00:37:19.16   00:00:23.00
3  KEMP, David Fly V Australia 00:37:24.45   00:00:28.29
4  ROLFE, Darren Fly V Australia  00:37:26.43   00:00:30.27 0
5  MILOSTIC, Peter Penrith Panthers Cc 00:37:38.71   00:00:42.55
6  DICKESON, William Savings & Loans 00:37:44.62   00:00:48.46
7  LANG, Richard Titans – Race  00:38:07.56   00:01:11.40
8  CANTWELL, Jonathan Fly V Australia  00:38:18.08   00:01:21.92
9  DENNIS, Peter Hawthorn Citizens Youth Cl   00:38:21.81   00:01:25.65
10  PALMER, Thomas City Of Greater Geelong  00:38:29.95   00:01:33.79

Full Results (GC and ITT)

General Classification After Stage 4

1  ROLFE, Darren Fly V Australia 07:16:55.43    00:00:00.00
2  KEMP, David Fly V Australia  07:19:01.45    00:02:06.02
3  CLARKE, William Praties  07:19:12.16    00:02:16.73
4  GRENDA, Ben Praties  07:19:38.64    00:02:43.21
5  RUDOLPH, Malcolm Budget Forklifts  07:19:47.24    00:02:51.81
6  CANTWELL, Jonathan Fly V Australia  07:20:00.08    00:03:04.65
7  LANG, Richard Titans – Race 07:20:04.56    00:03:09.13
8  NEWELL, Dylan Praties 07:20:16.16    00:03:20.73
9  ENGLAND, Michael Budget Forklifts  07:20:40.34    00:03:44.91
10 JENNINGS, Cameron Budget Forklifts 07:20:52.67    00:03:57.24

Women Victorian Time Trial Championships Results

1  LIGHT, Carly   41:27.55
2  KERR, Louise  42:30.20
3  RYAN, Bronwyn  42:54.94
4  ROY, Sarah   43:09.03
5  MACPHERSON, Jenny   43:46.48
6  FRAWLEY, Stephanie   43:53.96
7  BARWICK, Rebecca    43:55.06
8  WATT, Kathryn   43:55.55
9  SUMMERS, Davina    44:06.55
10  GROUNDS, Simone    44:13.08

Full Results

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