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I’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed with the number of emails I’ve been getting with amazing photos of morning rides from all over the world.   I don’t ever want to turn anyone away but can’t possibly put all the photos up on the front page.  Until I figure out a way to deal with all of these photos I may as well hold a competition to start raising the bar.

The “What You Missed This Morning” photo contest will start NOW and end on September 10, with the winner stated the following day.   You can email me at this address to enter (cyclingtips@gmail.com).  Be sure to title your email “What You Missed Photo Competition” and a brief description of the ride itself. Feel free to plug your own blog, website or Twitter name and I’ll post it with the photo as well.

I haven’t been able to acquire a Orbea electronic Dura-ace like the Fatcyclist has for his most recent contest, but I can’t claim to have anywhere near as good of a cause.   However I do have a couple of goodies that have been graciously offered by Cycling Edge and Perseus Books.

I’ll offer two prizes.  The first 1st prize are a set of Parts of Passion skewers generously donated by Cycling Edge in Melbourne.   RRP $177 weight  39gms a choice of white, black, blue, red, green, pink, titanium or orange This prize will go to the best Australian photo.

The 2nd first prize is a Lance Armstrong biography called LANCE: The Making of the World’s Greatest Champion by renowned cycling journalist John Wilcockson.  I’ll send this anywhere in the world.  It’s a great insight into the life and mind of Lance.  Different from all the other Lance books I’ve read.

A Few Guidelines:

  • Camera phones and point/shoot cameras are completely fine as I’ll be judging on composition, not camera quality.  Just try to wipe off the smudges on the lens if it’s a camera phone.   Here’s a great example of one of the best camera phone submissions so far.
  • Don’t show your face in the photo.  Perhaps a bike part with the road to put it into context.  Maybe a rider in the distance. You get what I mean.   The whole point of this is to see the amazing ride you’re trying to capture – not your ugly mug!  ;-)
  • Some TIPS on shooting these types pics can be found here

Now, TC from Fyxomatosis will be automatically disqualified if he raises the bar too high, but here’s a photoset example of how well you can capture your morning ride if you use your imagination:

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