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Last night I posted an article about asthma in cyclists written by a Chiropractor friend of mine.  It basically talked about some of the symptoms of asthma and what to look out for.  As a cyclist with asthma myself I thought it was interesting, however it had a slant towards Chiropractic care (I asked him to revise it once to take most of the Chiropractic stuff out).  It was not a paid ad as many suggested however. Just a topic that I’m not knowledgeable enough to write on with authority.

Anyway, after overwhelming negative response I’ve taken the article down.  After reading it again I agree that it has too much of a Chiropractic edge to it.  I think there’s definitely a place for Chiropractic therapy, but I think I’ll leave the topic of diseases and ailments to more traditional medical practitioners.

Thanks for your honest feedback.  If you didn’t voice your opinion I would not know this. Unfortunately thousands of RSS emails have gone out.

Gone for a ride but luckily I had something in my inbox from Hunter Allen to post for today.  I’ll post it before noon.

Big learning experience for me this week. Thanks for being patient.