Check Your Skewers!

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skewerI’ve seen in dozens of times and have been through it myself.   Your bike is making a mysterious creaking noises and it’s hard to pinpoint where it’s coming from.   You dismantle  half your bike and swap a bunch of parts only to find that the noise is still there.  What can it possibly be???  You dismantle the other half of your bike and it’s still creaking.  What’s left to check?  The skewers! Usually it’s the rear skewer that’s the culprit.  Either tighten up the skewer or replace it and god-darnit, the noise is gone!  How frustrating…

These mysterious noises often coincide with your pedaling action so it’s very easy to mistake for a bottom bracket or drivetrain fault.   Sometimes the noise will resonate throughout the bike and sound like it’s coming from somewhere else.

So, the next time you have a strange creaking noise coming from your bike make sure the  check your skewers first – no matter how silly it may seem.  It may save you hours of grief and many dollars of your hard earned money.