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survey11The blog is taking a turn from what I want it to be to what you want it to be.  I can keep offering my experiences and knowledge to help you learn more about cycling and bike racing, however, I don’t really know much about you and what makes you tick. Knowing more about you would help me steer the content in a direction that the majority of you find useful.  I’ve developed a quick survey to help accomplish this.

I very much consider this blog a group project as I have many people commenting and emailing me suggestions on how to make the site better, as well as heaps of friends giving me advice and direction.  I wish I could express how grateful I am.  By simply coming here and visiting you are contributing to the success and I sincerely thank you.

I’m very excited to learn about who you are.  I’m not going to try to b.s. you on the other half of it either.  I’d like to know more about you so that I can align appropriate advertisers’ products or services along with your interests.  If I can achieve this we all win.

I’ve done some preliminary testing and this survey should take no more than 2 minutes of your time.  It’s very easy to complete and I greatly appreciate your participation.

Tell it to me like it is.  No need to answer questions based on what you think I want to hear or anything like that.  You anonymity is assured and honesty appreciated.  I’ll be happy to share the results with everyone if you’re interested.

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Thanks for visiting and for your contributions.

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