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The Noticeboard is starting to gain traction and I encourage everyone take a look and post something to buy, sell, rent, an event to promote, an apartment to let, etc.  Doesn’t matter where you live.  There’s lots of people here visiting from all over the world.

One interesting post that just went up in the events section of the noticeboard is an EPO study that needs volunteers here in Melbourne.  Basically, Exercise Research Australia is doing a study to take part in a new research study to fight against blood doping in sport and is looking for riders/test subjects. They need about 10 more and the study starts its first block of volunteers on 21 September. The basic criteria is that you must be between 18-39 years old and have a VO2 of over 55. It will require regular physical tests, blood tests and IV injections and there are 3 groups in the study. Two groups are on EPO and and the third is normal saline for control.

One caveat is that the participants won’t be able to race until mid January, 2010.  If it weren’t right in the middle of race season here I’d give it a go.   You might even have a good shot at winning the nationals if the timing were right!

Also, if you’re interested in seeing some photos from Eurobike, check out what our site sponsor is up to there.  Some beautiful stuff being released.

Enjoy your weekend, ride safe and say ‘yes’ to EPO (study that is…).


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