What You Missed This Morning – North Road Ride

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Crit season starts this weekend and all “specialists” are coming out in droves. There must have been 100 riders out this morning on the famous “North Road Ride” here in Melbourne.  For the uninitiated, the North Road Ride (or “Hour of Power”) is a 40km bunch ride on Melbourne’s Beach Road that averages speeds of over 45km/hr.  On beautiful warm summer mornings numbers can reach well over 100.  And that’s on a weekday. These are the stomping grounds for many pro cyclists, up and coming talents, weekday warriors, and posers alike (I fit into the poser category). I’ve never seen anything like it!

Here’s 4 mins of what you may have missed this morning.  This gives you a taste of the morning routine that many Melbourne cyclists get to enjoy…


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