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Alright, I’ve narrowed the competition photos down to the top 10. I’ll leave it to you guys to sort them out from “best” to “tenth best” (just select your single favorite and hit “vote” at the bottom). I should have enough swag to get every one of these finalists something good. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to snap their morning pics and sending in their photos. I thought it was very cool that everyone got so involved. I loved looking at everything from the familiar roads all the way to the unfamiliar roads in far away places. My bucket list has grown exponentially because of this!

I’m off to do some hill repeats with Wendy this morning. Talk to you Monday. Have a great weekend and ride hard and safe.

P.S. Gerro stopped by and left another wise-crack comment on his Vuelta rest day. Who does he think he is?

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