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I’m in the process of adding a new dimension to Cycling Tips.  From now on I’ll be delivering extra content right to your mailbox.  Every fortnight I’ll be sending one awesome article that isn’t available on the blog.  Also in this email there will be giveaways as well as special product or service offers with promotional codes that you’ll be interested in that I’ve negotiated for subscribers.

UPDATE: The first newsletter will include a draw for a kick-ass piece of Rapha clothing. Also, if you cannot see the form below it can also be found on the right-hand column of the website right under the CyclingEdge advertisement.  My apologies – some people are having problems with this.

I hope that I’ve earned your trust so far and intend on keeping it.  This is the most valuable thing that I have so you can be assured that I won’t be sending you spam or selling this email information to third-parties.

I’m away training in the high peaks of the Victorian Alps for the Melbourne long weekend so there may be no posts until next week (I’ll try but there’s limited internet access).

Once again, thanks for stopping by and making Cycling Tips a small part of your day.  I get a buzz out of this whole gig and I’m privileged that you chose this site out of the thousands of others to come and read.