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drew_ginn_rowing_50Any self-respecting sports fan in Australia will know who Drew Ginn is.  Australian rower and triple Olympic gold medalist, he’s now embarking on some ambitious cycling goals.

I still can’t get over the fact that if you live in Melbourne and probably most other Australian cities, nearly every day you can find yourself riding along side with all sorts of sporting legends.  For this reason alone you should always be careful with who you’re talking yourself up to!  And if you’re a cyclist-hating driver, be careful of who you make your next “point” to.  It very well could be one of your national heroes you’re cheering for in London 2012.

I’ve had the pleasure in chatting a bit with Drew.  I also keenly follow his blog where he talks about his journey in becoming a cyclist and his immediate goal of qualifying for an Olympic Time Trial spot for Australia.  The Oceanias in NZ in a couple weeks will be his first big test.  Let me tell you, the numbers he’s producing on the powermeter are a good sign!

If you’re interested go and check out Drew’s blog.  He’s obviously a switched on guy, talented athlete, and fantastic writer. In-between being a husband, father, business man, athlete etc I’ve hit up Drew to do a guest post here.   I can’t wait.  He’s got the enthusiasm and heart of a C grade cyclist with the talent and engine of a world-class athlete.  A rare combination!


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