Ricketts Point Challenge

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I love a challenge. Especially when a woman challenges me on a bike. So when Olympic gold medalists Anna Meares sent out this challenge to all Melbourne cyclists I was one of the first to give it a go.  How hard could it be to beat a girl? I never turn down the opportunity prove my manliness.

Everyone in Melbourne knows Ricketts Point.  Beach Road’s Mt Ventoux if you will.  A 700m grueling climb that takes no prisoners (unless you have a bunch to sit onto).

Anna conquered Ricketts in 52.6 seconds with an average speed of 47km/hr and a top speed of 53km/hr. Seems like an easy enough time to smash.

You can see below the fury I unleashed on Ricketts Point.

Anna must have had a stronger tailwind that I did and I think my breaks must have been rubbing a little bit because I came nowhere close to her timeMy time : 1:02.


I set a timeline for myself to get this video done but this challenge isn’t over yet.  I’ll be back at Rickett’s Point soon with fresh legs, a stronger tailwind, my new Lightweight wheels and a strong desire not to get beaten by a woman!  I’m thinking that last part is something I might have to accept…

Give it a shot.  See if you can beat a girl.  You can enter your time here and check-out all the other demoralized men’s times.  And don’t even think about passing up the chance to go and see the UCI Track World Cup in Melbourne on November 19-21.  It’s a spectacular show where you get to drink heaps of beer and hang out with your mates in jeans, not lycra.

Have a great weekend, ride hard, and go easy on the bus drivers!

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