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This week a lot of people have been sending me the incident in Sydney that occurred between a bus driver and a cyclist.  I don’t think it was cool for the cyclist to get on the bus and punch the driver in the face, but after seeing the footage you can clearly see that the cyclist was within inches of being crushed and probably killed by the bus.  If you’ve ever experienced a 15 tonne vehicle rushing by you trying to make a “point” I’m sure you’d definitely like to make a point back.

I don’t think the question here is who was in the right or wrong.   I’m pretty sure we all agree on this.  The question I’d like answered is who made up the law that cyclists cannot use the bus lane? Does this person realize how much more dangerous it is to ride in the lane between the bus lane and other traffic lane?

I know there are many times where I ride in the bus lane because it is the safest place to be.  During the times where I’ve tried to ride in the traffic lane (next to the bus lane) the cars give me absolutely no room and try to intimidate me to moving into the bus lane.  And what if a bus comes barreling past?  I wouldn’t live long enough to come home to dinner with Mrs CT.

This rule needs to be revisited and some agreement has to be made so that cyclists have a safe place to ride on the roads.  However, if we keep going and punching bus drivers,  damaging cars in rage, running red lights, etc how are we supposed to be taken seriously when we push for change? What are we, a bunch of skater punks?  There’s a minority that sure makes us look like it at times.

And a quick note to the author of The Age article, Miranda Devine: Cyclists aren’t the cause of traffic congestion.  I’ve never been stuck in gridlock traffic before because of a bike rider.  I’m surprised you haven’t noticed.

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