Sun Tour Day 3

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I’ve been really busy for the past couple days and it’s given me a whole new appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes in a major cycling event.   Tweeting has been quite a bit easier because it’s so quick and dirty therefore I’ve put up a twitter feed on the right sidebar.  I try to post some photos and race updates as I get them.

It’s taken a few days but I’ve started to get to know the guys on the team much better.  All of them are extremely nice and love the whole CyclingTips concept. Once you get the whole “TIP” thing on their radar they’re constantly are shouting at me, “Hey WW, here’s a tip for you…!“.  I wish I could write it down all in one coherent post.  The most fascinating stuff is all the stories they have from the big European races about all the big names in cycling.

I’ve been taking a lot of photos and I won’t make this post very word heavy.  It’s pretty random today but I’m hitting up some of the guys to write some guest posts for you which should be entertaining.  Stay tuned and follow the twitter feed for regular updates.  Cheers…


Andy the team mechanic.  You saw in the convoy car video that Andy likes to sleep in the back of the wagon.  He says that a sign of a great mechanic is one who sleeps like a baby while the race is going on. He’s so confident in his work that he doesn’t have a worry in the world!


It’s rare to get Tom to break a smile but the dry subtle humor just pours from his mouth.  Tom locked himself out of his hotel room today with only his towel on.  Now there’s something not so subtle to laugh about!


Deano is the social butterfly of the team.  Always a great guy to chat with and good for a few laughs.  He’s also Great Britain’s current National Crit Champ.


Here’s a much healthier Ben before he rearranged his face in yesterday’s stage.


Simon is still riding well and keeping out of trouble in the treacherous crosswinds.


Kristian is a genuine great guy.  Not a hint of arrogance from him which is rare in an athlete of his caliber.


Both Ben and Matt crashed out from yesterday’s stage and I took them out on the Great Ocean Road for a bit of sightseeing on the way to the hotel in Lorne.


I think Matt was quite happy that he wasn’t subjected to the crosswinds on the road today.


Dom’s (swany #2) take-home CyclingTip from the Sun Tour – Jam and Philly cheese rolls for the musettes.  Yum!


The team riding to the start of the stage.  The van always accompanies them.


The routine every night after the stage.  All the riders get a 1hr massage and have a good chat about the day.


Deano looking all serious and focused.


Kristian’s poker face at 55km/hr


Yes it does!

A Few Tech-Tips


Tom loves his 42T chainring and won’t ride a 39T like most of us.  He says it gives a much more comfortable set of gear ratios if you’re not doing massive climbs.  I’ll write a post more about this later.


They all use 24mm tyres.  I’ve always used 23mm by default without thinking about it too much.  Andy the mech says they roll smoother and puncture less.  That 1mm makes quite a bit of difference.  He highly recommends them.


Lots of people like putting their chain into the 53T-23 or 21.  You can see from this photo how much this bends the chain at the chainring (look at the front derailleur).  This will accelerate the front chainring and chain wear.

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