2010 “What You Missed” Calendar

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You might remember the fun competition that we had a few months ago using the “What You Missed This Morning” theme.  There were some sensational images sent in from all over the world that certainly inspired me to get out of bed on a few mornings.  A few people suggested that a calendar be made out of this and that’s exactly what I did – just in time for Christmas.

This would make a Christmas gift for your wife or that someone special.  There’s no way she’d want another piece of cycling paraphernalia hanging on the fridge which means you’d get to keep it and bring it to the office.  Win – Win!

The price will be somewhere around $20 depending on overall quantities.  In order for me to have enough on hand for Christmas I’m trying to get some indicative quantities together.  I have no idea if it’ll be 20 or 5,000.

If you’re interested in helping support this site and getting a cool desktop calendar out of it, cast your vote below.  When I get a feel for how many should be ordered I’ll put up an order form with a firm price on it.

Once again, thanks for making Cycling Tips part of your day.