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A few months ago I did a couple posts on ankling.  You can find them here and here.  Ankling is basically a pedaling technique that recruits different muscles to either produce more power or to give your primary pedaling muscles brief respite.

I shot this video to show-off 4 things:

1. My new team kit that just arrived.

2. My new Canon 7D shooting at 60 fps in slow-mo.

3. The absolutely beautiful titanium Independent Fabrication bike that I’ve been using from Cycling Edge.

4. Most importantly, the subtle difference between regular pedaling and ankling. If you look at the illustrations in my previous posts together with this video the technique will hopefully make more sense.   Many people find it confusing.

It’s impossible to tell but I’m pedaling at about 90-100rpm here. The video is slowed down to 25% of regular speed.

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