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Have I ever struck a golden nugget for you!  I’ve been working behind the scenes with Musashi for a while now to hold a competition with their top athletes, Anna Meares and Shane Perkins.  Why stuff around?  Why not go straight to the top?  I’m sure you saw how well they did at the Track World Cup last weekend and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.   It’s taken a lot of planning but it’s finally going to happen!

What is this competition?

This is your chance to win a cycling experience that money cannot buy.  We’ve set up a draw for you and 9 others to win a sprint and skills clinic with Anna Meares and Shane Perkins.  No, this isn’t a track specific session – it’s for all species of cyclists and will teach you the fundamentals and advanced techniques of how to demolish your mates.   Shock and awe! Rapid dominance!  They won’t know what hit them after you’re done here.  There will also be a cycling specific nutritional seminar as well as a gym tips session with Anna and Shane.  You’re gonna come out of this day twice the cyclists you were when you went in.

You’d be hard pressed to find two better athletes in the world to teach you this stuff.    Both Anna and Shane are extremely down to earth people and it’s a pleasure just to have a simple chat with them.  No secrets here. They’re gonna teach you all the tricks of the trade.    My goal – to have Anna teach me how to do a 52.6 second sprint up Ricketts Point.  That’s what this whole thing is about in fact  ;-)

We’ll be making the draw in a couple weeks and the skills clinic will take place on December 19 in Melbourne.   Musashi has also offered to fly two people in from QLD and/or NSW for a weekend away, so it’s not only Melbournians who are privy to this competition.

It doesn’t stop here…

The 10 winners will also receive $250 of Musashi nutritional product.    There will also be 5 runner up prizes with $150 of Musashi product given away.  How good is this???  Since there’s more prizes than readers of this blog nearly everyone is going to be a winner.

Click either on the Musashi advertisement in the right column or here to enter and for more competition details.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m pretty excited about this.  I’ll be at the skills clinic as well on Dec 19 and looking forward to meeting 10 of you face to face!

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