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Lost and Confused Signpost

“After tucky we played bob-down-tiggy!” That’s what my friend’s daughter said to me yesterday.  Most of you reading will understand exactly what that means, but even after four years of living in Australia I still come across words and colloquialisms that don’t even resemble English.

When I first moved to Australia I didn’t understand half of what you guys were talking about in bunch rides.  I just smiled politely and Googled these things when I got home.  I still can’t pull off a “maaaate“, but I’m learning what these sayings mean and some are even creeping into my vocabulary.

For all you who are thinking of visiting or moving to Australia, here’s a guide to some of the things that you’ll hear in the peloton:

“I gotta stop at the servo and go to the dunny.” No cyclist actually says or does this unless they gotta go #2.

“I raced yesterday and had a prang.” What at least 10 C-graders say after their Sunday morning crit (sorry C-graders…).

Fair dinkum mate!”  The response I get when I try to BS someone about how many races I’ve won.

“We’re just racing for sheep stations now.”  The period of my cycling career my wife keeps telling me I’m in.

“I’m creeping.”   Not to be confused with “I’m creepy“.

“We’re all the way out in Woop Woop” It’s gonna be a long ride back.  Should I call my wife?

“that race was bloody hard yakka!”  Aren’t they all?

“You’re as useless as tits on a bull” I get this a lot…

“You can stick that up your clacker!”   No thank you,  I’m not going to race the Warny again this year.

“I’m rooted after that effort!” I’ve adopted this one and use it regularly in most situations.

Those new wheels are sweet as….  Sweet as what???

Will wallaby there?  I’ll go if dingos.  Not if I platypus” Still haven’t figured out a deeper meaning to this one…

Have a great weekend, ride hard, and go watch the UCI Track World Cup if you’re in Melbourne!

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