Cycling Tips Kit And Calendar Now Available

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After many of your suggestions regarding the production of a Cycling Tips Kit and What You Missed This Morning Calendar it’s finally come to fruition.

I spent a lot effort making sure the calendar and kit are top notch quality.  I could have gone the “cheap and cheerful” route but I feel that would be disrespectful to the enthusiast that resides within every single one of you.

In every instance I asked myself “would I buy this if I weren’t making it?”. The answer had to be “Yes, I have to have it!” I didn’t want to make token products that are basically a donation.

As I don’t have a lazy $20k sitting around for the upfront costs I wasn’t able to make many of each item.  Hopefully next year’s run can be larger.  I apologize (and thank you!) in advance if things sell out quickly.


This desktop calendar will hopefully get you through the work day while you’re dreaming about being out riding.  It was inspired by the What You Missed This Morning competition and hopefully it’ll inspire you to get out there in the morning and do what you love best.

The calendar doesn’t only include sensational reader submitted photography.  It has famous cycling quotes, significant birthdays, race dates, etc.  You’ll never be left wondering what’s happening in the world of cycling again.

Made in Australia.

NOTE: Just as a heads up the calendars will take about a week to ship. This will not hold up the delivery of your kit however (if you ordered one).  The kit is being sent via express post.


Cycling Tips Kit

I’m extremely happy with the way this kit turned out.  It makes me look trim and PRO (as opposed to fat and PRO).  The quality is outstanding, the fit is unbelievable, the lines are crisp and clean and the colors pop right out at you.  Simon, the designer behind the kit is an absolute design wizard and I encourage you to contact him if you have a kit that needs to be created.

There’s a jersey, knicks, wind vest and socks available.  Jersey and knicks are sold together as a pair at a 20% discount off retail.  I’m also throwing in a FREE set of matching socks when you buy the jersey and knicks.

I realize it’s not the best time of season to be buying a wind vest (here in Aus at least), but they’re so good that I had to get a few just so I could have one for myself.  They’re a separate item that doesn’t need to be purchased with the rest of the kit.  It’s also priced 20% below retail.




You can purchase these items here using Credit Card, Paypal or Electronic Funds Transfer (preferred method of payment if living in Australia).  I’ll send anywhere in the world.

As always, thanks for reading and for your continued support.