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My apologies for dragging you guys through the mud with the site upgrades over the past few days.  After countless hours trying to clean things up I found that I absolutely hated the new layout.  It may have been cleaner, but I also found that it was more sterile and uninviting.  So, instead of changing the site around and then re-doing it next month I figured I’d abort mission and do it properly (with the help of a professional web developer).

One thing that has changed is the commenting features. I’m happy with the amount of educated and productive comments you guys leave here and I fully encourage it.   As with all good things there also comes a few bad things – namely the TROLLS.  I’m finding that I have to moderate comments more and more because of personal slagging and unproductive rants that don’t add value to the conversation.

I’ve implemented a commenting system where you can either comment as a guest, or even better, using your Facebook or Twitter login ID.  This will eliminate one more login/password you need to create.  Hopefully it will also make people think twice before personally bashing someone while hiding behind an anonymous name.  At first it will probably reduce the amount of comments, but my hope is that it will help maintain the high quality of the discussion.

Also, if you feel someone’s comment adds significant value to the conversation you can hit the “like” button beside it.  This will help people skimming to recognize the good comments and skip past the rest.

Thanks once again for reading.