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photo by fyxomatosis

  • Sometime it’s healthy to get out for a ride with a group of guys outside of your inner-circle.  It’s a refreshing change that’ll show you new roads and potentially new friends.  That’s just what I did last Monday.   TC, Matt and Andy took me out for an EPIC loop I’ve never even considered before.  As usual, TC from fyxomatosis captured the day with his sensational photography.  Here’s a taste of What You Missed Monday Morning on this FYX EPIC
  • This Monday life as I know it will be over.  I’ve had to concede to getting a real job back in engineering.  :-(   It won’t interrupt this blog however. You may see more guest posts to help me out,  but it’ll be business as usual.  I’ll just be much more busy.  Don’t be surprised to see me gain 10kg either.
  • Cyclosport Victoria is now allowing helmet cams in races.  I have to admit, I pushed the issue with this video but they understand the positive impact that something like this could have and just released this statement regarding cameras in races:

We are pleased to report that CSV has completed the investigation, and has ruled the following:

As of the 1st January 2010 the following shall apply:

The promoter shall be the sole decider as to whether or not a competitor or competitors shall be allowed to affix a video camera to the front and or rear of their bicycle during competition. If the promoter so allows it will be subject to the following:

1. The promoter must liaise directly with the Chief Commissaire and advise that he is allowing video cameras at that event.

2. Prior to the event, the bicycle, with camera mounted must be presented to the Chief Commissaire for checking.

3. The camera must be securely mounted (to the satisfaction of the Chief Commissaire) on a component of the bicycle such as the handlebars, front or rear forks, head tube or seat pillar.

4. Under no circumstances will cameras be allowed on / in clothing or mounted to helmets.

CSV recognises the value of new tools like these to promote the sport and is keen to encourage anything that grows participation and interest in the sport. As you would appreciate, our first responsibility is to provide safe racing for all which is why there has to be some caveats on their use.

  • Ever thought about giving cyclocross a go?  It’s the most punishing and horrible discipline in cycling.  You ride hard, your legs burn and you pray for the opportunity to get off and run.  Then you’re forced to run up a steep hill or a pool of sand and then you’re cursing the new heights of lactic acid you’ve attained. Then you hop back on your bike and there’s a brief respite before the lactic acid rushes back to the cycling muscles.  It’s pure EVIL. You can now try this in Melbourne here (below).  Can’t wait!

PsychoXDisclaimer: this is not a sanctioned race. It’ll be run in an informal manner by keen volunteers who simply want everyone to have a good time. Don’t take it too seriously!

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