The Battle Of Sydney

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I came across a well produced video yesterday by a group campaigning for better cycling infrastructure and tolerance in Sydney.

In Melbourne I believe we face some very different issues and we have it pretty good.  Meanwhile cyclists in Adelaide are flapping their arms like chickens trying to stay safe in-between bike lanes.   Don’t get me started about motorists in Queensland.  And in Perth? They’re just chillin’ and doing their own thing without a worry in the world.

Numerous times over the past week I was sent this article which is boldly titled “Cyclists Do Not Have The Same Rights As Motorists On The Road“.  It immediately gets the reader in the wrong frame of mind to read it objectively.  However I seem to be reading this with a much different interpretation than thousands of other cyclists.  I read the article as saying that it’s unsafe for cyclists and motorists to be sharing some of the same roads (i.e. motorways) during peak hours and that alternate routes should be taken.

As cyclist and a motorist I agree that we should not flaunt our “rights” by traveling down some motorways or freeways at certain times.  When I see cyclists riding down busy freeways with traffic going in excess of 80km/hr meanwhile there’s a perfectly good path or road nearby I think it’s ludicrous and borderline suicide.  It has nothing to do with our rights and consideration for others – it’s just plain dangerous for everyone!  Just because it’s our right to use every road out there doesn’t mean it’s always good idea.

That said, it’s good that cyclists keep pushing for better infastructure and tolerance.  If we don’t push, we don’t get.

I’m off to watch Tiger Woods smash a golf ball around today at The Masters and then going to school you Aussies on how a cyclocross race is ridden.   Far from a typical day for me.

Enjoy your weekend, ride hard, stay cool, and be safe.  It’s gonna be a scorcher out there!

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