The Best Cycling City In Australia?

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I’ve been in Australia for nearly five years now and I’ve had a brief taste of riding in most of the major cities.  From what I’ve seen there’s spectacular riding all over the country.  But which city has the best riding?  This is my impression so far:


This is where I live and know best.  It takes a while to suss out where the good rides are but once you find them it’s sensational.  The ever so popular and convenient Beach Road, the Dandenongs, Kinglake, etc.  The amount of cyclists in Melbourne is staggering and can even be a problem on the roads at times.  I’ve made a list of Melbourne Group Rides.  It would be hard to find another city in the world that rivals Melbourne’s cycling culture.


I’ve been to Sydney many times but have never had the experience of riding here.  From what I understand the road and traffic conditions for riding are atrocious until you get far out of the city.  Fact or fiction?  I want to believe it’s better than that.  It’s such a stunning city.


I’ve done a few rides in Adelaide and it has an amazing cycling culture for it’s size (except for one crazy intersection).  Getting away from traffic is easy, there’s beautiful coastal riding, heaps of great climbs a short distance away and loads of great cafes.  Not to mention the Tour Down Under coming up which is the best time you’ll have on a bike in Australia.


Mount Wellington – that’s all I gotta say.  Cold and windy as hell, nothing to do but enjoy nature and brave the elements.  No wonder Tassie riders are bred so good and tough.  I can’t wait to go back!


Another city I haven’t experienced riding in.  I know there’s some good climbs to be found in close proximity, the weather is spectacular, and it’s not far from some of the best beaches in the world.  I’m not sure I’d ride if I lived in Brisbane – I’d be a surfer!

Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Great cycling to be had with a few good bunch rides.  The sun seems to rise at 4:30am no matter what time of the year it is and it’s such a motivating environment to be in. Everyone is out running, surfing, riding or doing something at sunrise.  It’s paradise.  The only problem is all the insane bogan drivers that want to kill you.

You know better than I do.  If work wasn’t a consideration which would be the best cycling city in Australia?  I want to find out – no holds barred.  I’m thinking of doing a trip around the country in search of the answer.

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