A Sad Day For Australian Cycling…And More

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LorraineAustralian cycling has lost a much loved and valuable member of the cycling community – Lorraine Collings.


I didn’t know Lorraine outside of cycling, but her contribution to the sport was truly outstanding and recognized by all.  We need more Lorraines in cycling.  And what a character she was.  If there were two things you never dared do with Lorraine during race sign-on it was:

1. Try to pay with a $50 note or in silver coins.

2. Try to race above or below your grade (she knew who was trying to sandbag or who was in over their head)

It always brought a smile to my face when riders tried to negotiate with her on these things.

Lorraine will be missed by everyone and there will be some big shoes to fill in the local race scene.  My condolences to Lorraine’s family and friends.