Cycling Edge’s Crown Jewel

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As you all know Cycling Edge has been sponsoring this blog for a long time now.  I’m grateful to be working with them because they’ve introduced me to a plethora of new bikes that would have otherwise been off my radar.  I’m not afraid to say that their Independent Fabrication, Parlee and Moots bikes are among the nicest I’ve ever seen.  I also learned that these aren’t necessarily out of my price range either.   Every single one of their bikes are tailored the your own specifications – size, componentry, price, etc.  My first mistake was thinking that they’re exclusive and completely out of my price range.  Not true at all…

Next time you’re in South Melbourne go have a look at the Cycling Edge showroom even just to gawk.  I certainly do once or twice a month.  Also, if you’re in WA you can see the Independent Fabrication shown above at Cycle Bespoke. They also carry a range of the Parlee’s that I keep going on about.

Have a great weekend and Merry Ho Ho if you’ve started your holidays.  I’ll be reducing the number of posts over the Christmas break but I’ll be back in full force in January.  I’ll be racing in the Bay Crit series, racing the National Crit and Road races, covering the Tour Down Under, as well as taking a 10 day cycling trip to Vietnam in March!  What a year of TIPS it’s gonna be!