Glenvale Helmet Cam!

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You couldn’t ask for a better day for a bike race than yesterday.  Massive fields showed up at CCCC’s famously fast and furious Glenvale criterium yesterday and I was fortunate to catch all the action on the HD helmet cam that Race Day Rush send out to me.

As most of you know Lorraine Collings suddenly passed away last week which subsequently left a big gap in the vib and atmosphere of the pre-race sign-on ritual.  If you’ve ever seen the Seinfeld episode “The Soup Natzi” it was reminiscent of that (I’m being facetious of course – Lorraine was cheeky but had a heart of gold).  You’d line up at sign-in, pray you remembered your race license, count your money to make sure you didn’t mistakenly bring a $50, think of something witty to say, and then trade some banter with Lorraine.   She knew everyone by name and had the whole Victorian database for handicapping kept up in her head.  She will be missed.  Her funeral is being held today and details can be found here.

However, the CCCC volunteers did an outstanding job as usual and the morning with nearly 300 competitors took place without a hitch.  I won’t go through a race report as CCCC also does a fantastic job at posting this straight away and you can read their report here.

You can see the video that I took below.  Luckily I found myself in position to catch the race winning move by Mal Sawford (CCCC Prez) so you get to see it all!  Enjoy